Meet our Nurse-Midwives on May 10

Join our Virtual Session to hear how our team can help you

South Shore Hospital presents this open forum for expecting moms and their coaches to meet our Nurse-Midwives. These highly trained professionals are available day and night to assist you with your labor and birth.

During this virtual forum, held via WebEx, the Nurse-Midwives will answer any questions or concerns you might have related to prenatal care, early labor preparation or techniques to help you advance your labor naturally.

On the day of the seminar, you will receive an email with a WebEx link. Simply click the link shortly before the forum begins to join!


Date and Time

Wednesday, May 10, 2023
6–7 PM


*South Shore Health is committed to keeping your health information private, and we are legally required to respect your confidentiality. We are following strict protocols and taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety and privacy of virtual seminar participants. By filling out the registration form, you are giving your consent to participate in a Virtual Seminar where your name or other personal information could appear on the screen in view of others.